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Greetings from the Chief of Police

On behalf of the men and women of the Lehigh University Police Department, I welcome you to our community. We hope your visit here will be both enjoyable and academically rewarding. The Lehigh University Police Department is committed to providing a safe and secure environment on and around campus. We have an array of services in place that help to promote a community that is as safe as possible. We encourage you to take advantage of these services. While at Lehigh, we invite you to be our partner in campus safety. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at (610) 758-4200 or e-mail me at jds517@lehigh.edu.

Meet our Staff

Jason Schiffer, Esq.
Chief of Police
Christopher Houtz
Assistant Chief of Police
Richard McGarr
Captain, Professional Standards
Brian Kelly
Lieutenant, Patrol Division
David Kokinda
Detective Lieutenant of Criminal Investigations
Joshua Milisits
Lieutenant, Patrol Division
Sean Burdock
Sergeant, Patrol Division
James Christman
Sergeant, Patrol Division
Michael Dragovich
Sergeant, Patrol Division
Elizabeth Miller Coleman
Business Manager
Employment Coordinator
Matthew Hyman

Patrol Officers:

Off. Kyle Fisher - kwf317@lehigh.edu
Off. Gregory Nolf, K-9 LUcy - gjn207@lehigh.edu
Off. Richard Holmes - reh209@lehigh.edu
Off. David Fleishman, Investigations - dmf416@lehigh.edu
Off. Mark Ferencin - mjf304@lehigh.edu
Off. Mark Schaller - mss208@lehigh.edu
Off. Daniel Herb - dch217@lehigh.edu
Off. Lora Martin, Crime Prevention - lom214@lehigh.edu
Off. Charles Stokes, Community Police - crs307@lehigh.edu
Off. Nicholas Alexander - nia318@lehigh.edu
Off. Kyle Kromer - kyk319@lehigh.edu
Off. Stephen Romanic - smr419@lehigh.edu
Off. Tekisha Scruggs - tes421@lehigh.edu
Off. Vince Bruneo - vib221@lehigh.edu
Off. Zahirah Corrigan - zsc221@lehigh.edu
Off. Nabil Hazim -  njh421@lehigh.edu

Security Guards:

Jeffrey Reinhard - jcr6@lehigh.edu
Emilia Amaral - esa217@lehigh.edu

Police Dispatchers:

George Schlogl - gjs2@lehigh.edu
Christina Pulley - cmn206@lehigh.edu
Anthony Bauer - ajbh@lehigh.edu
Edmund Lamontagne - egl206@lehigh.edu
Felix Galvan - fsg216@lehigh.edu
Edward Frack epf210@lehigh.edu