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December 10, 2019 @ 1429hrsSuspicious Package Update

The Bethlehem Fire Department determined that the suspicious package discovered in a stairwell in Packard Lab poses no threat.

A final sweep of the building has been been conducted and will be safe to re-enter.

Info: https://lehigh.apparmor.com/Notifications/CAP/?id=20186&t=17801592

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December 10, 2019 @ 1429hrs - HawkWatch - Suspicious Package Update

A backpack was found in a stairwell in Packard Lab, and the Bethlehem Fire Dept. will X-ray to determine its contents.

The LUPD is also on location, with K-9. More information will be provided as soon as possible.

Info: https://lehigh.apparmor.com/Notifications/CAP/?id=20185&t=17785454

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December 10, 2019 @ 1349hrs - HawkWatch - EVACUATION ALERT - Suspicious Package Reported at Packard Lab 

A suspicious package has been reported at Packard Lab. All individuals in the area are advised to evacuate and stay clear of the area. Fire Department and resources are being dispatched.

A suspicious package has been identified and an evacuate and stay clear order has been issued. Do not enter the area.Letter and Parcel Bomb Recognition Checklist, What to Look For:

- Foreign mail, air mail, and special deliveries.

- Restrictive markings such as "CONFIDENTIAL" or "PERSONAL".

- Excessive postage.

- Handwritten or poorly typed address.

- Incorrect titles.

- Misspellings of common words.

- Oily stains or discoloration on package.

- Strange odor.

- Strange sounds.

- Excessive weight.

- Rigid, lopsided, or uneven envelopes.

- Excessive tape or string.

- Visual distractions.

- No return address.

- Handling Suspicious Packages

- DO NOT open or shake it.

- DO NOT carry or show to others.

- DO NOT bring to the Police Department.

- DO NOT sniff, touch or taste.

- DO place on stable surface, preferably a Bio-Safety Cabinet.

- DO alert others in the area.

- Leave the area, close doors and prevent others from entering by using signs or guarding.

- Distance and separation are the safest precautions to take.

- Wash hands with soap and water.

Info: https://lehigh.apparmor.com/Notifications/CAP/?id=20182&t=17769585

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October 9, 2019 @ 3:45pm - Timely Warning Issued - Robbery Reported to the City of Bethlehem Police

A timely warning regarding a Strong Arm Robbery has been issued by Lehigh University Police and is being distributed to students, faculty and staff due to the crime's close proximity to campus.

A strong arm robbery (no weapons) occurred in the vicinity of Polk & Morton Street. The suspect is described by the victim as a Hispanic male wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt. The male fled on foot heading east on Morton Street.

This crime occurred at approximately 3:30 PM on Wednesday 10/09/19. The City of Bethlehem Police Department is the investigating agency and they are being assisted by the Lehigh University Police.

Anyone with information can call LUPD at 610.758.4200.

A timely warning has been issued regarding a crime that occurred near the premises. The institution is responsible for issuing timely warnings in compliance with the Clery Act (formerly known as the Federal Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act of 1990).

More Information: https://lehigh.apparmor.com/Notifications/CAP/?id=15790&t=12931240

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Safety Bulletin Update - September 26, 2019

This past weekend, we sent out a Safety Bulletin alerting the Lehigh community to the fact that a male assaulted two women walking near Farrington Square. That man grabbed one of the women on the thigh and another on the buttocks. We sent out another Safety Bulletin on September 7th alerting the community that a male exited a car on Brodhead Ave. and grabbed a female student.

We wanted to let you know that an arrest has been made through the efforts of the Lehigh University Police Department and the Bethlehem Police Department working together.

On Saturday September 21st, a male suspect was detained and questioned by both Lehigh and Bethlehem officers, but he could not be positively identified as the assailant at that time. He was identified and released. Over the past few days, detectives from both departments obtained additional information and positively identified the suspect. The Northampton County District Attorney's Office approved charging the suspect and the Bethlehem Police Department arrested him.

The Bethlehem Police Department has been investigating two other separate instances of females being grabbed by a male with a similar description. We believe that the same individual committed all three of the incidents involving Lehigh students, as well as the two other incidents unrelated to Lehigh.

The suspect is charged with five counts of Indecent Assault and he has been arraigned before District Justice Nancy Matos-Gonzalez who set bail at $150,000.00. He has been committed to Northampton County Prison. The charges for both the Lehigh and non-Lehigh victims have been consolidated so that the charges could be filed and prosecuted together.

The quick response on Saturday by one of the Lehigh victims, who contacted the LUPD immediately after the incident, is no doubt, what led to the arrest of this suspect. We encourage anyone who is the victim of a crime or witnesses a suspicious incident to contact the LUPD immediately so that we can respond quickly, access any available surveillance video, and interview any witnesses as soon as possible.

Please remember that the LUPD offers a number of safety resources, including Rape.Aggression.Defense (RAD) training for both men and women, and the HawkWatch safety app, which allows you to make quick contact with our dispatchers. To learn more, please go to our website at https://police.lehigh.edu/content/programs-and-resources. There are other resources for safety, health and basic emergency preparedness that Lehigh provides to members of its community and you can read more about them at https://www.lehigh.edu/emergency.

We also encourage anyone who may be experiencing anxiety or deep concern regarding recent events in the news or other issues to take advantage of the University's counseling services. The University Counseling and Psychological Services (UCPS) office, located in Johnson Hall, can be reached at 610-758-3880.

Jason D. SchifferChief of PoliceLehigh University

More Information: https://lehigh.apparmor.com/Notifications/CAP/?id=14878&t=12213210

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September 21, 2019 @ 4:22pm

At approximately 3 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 21st, two females reported being approached by an unknown male in the 100 block of Morton Street. One woman was grabbed on the thigh and the other was grabbed on the buttocks before the male fled.

The man was described as about 5' 8" tall, with dark hair, and wearing a dark shirt and jeans. He is estimated to be in his mid-20s. The Bethlehem Police Dept. is handling the investigation, with assistance from the LUPD.

More Information: https://lehigh.apparmor.com/Notifications/CAP/?id=14335&t=12081531

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September 16, 2019 @ 12:59pm

At shortly after noon on Monday, Sept. 16th, the detectives from the Lehigh University Police Department were conducting an investigation into the erratic behavior of a student when they encountered a disturbance near the intersection of Morton and New streets, near Farrington Square. A man was seen banging on the window of an occupied car. The male was loudly shouting and behaving aggressively. LUPD interceded and attempted to restrain the man, who actively resisted. Additional LUPD officers quickly responded and were able to restrain the individual, who was found to be in possession of a loaded handgun and a knife.

It was determined that the individual taken into custody was a Lehigh student, who is being transferred to a local health care facility for a psychiatric evaluation, and who will be facing criminal charges related to this incident.

The LUPD would like to acknowledge the efforts of another Lehigh student, who reported that the behavior of this individual was concerning, and required attention. The LUPD officers were en route to the student's residence when officers witnessed the public disturbance. The reporting student's actions alerted us to the problematic behavior and helped us resolve the problem without anyone being hurt.

More Information: https://lehigh.apparmor.com/Notifications/CAP/?id=13998&t=11861069

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September 6, 2019 @ 11:36 pm

A female student reported a male exiting a vehicle and grabbing hold of her at about 11:15 p.m. on Sept. 6, 2019, while she was walking northbound along the 500 block of Brodhead Avenue on the east side of the roadway.

She reported that a dark blue metallic vehicle believed to be a coupe (two doors), possibly an Acura, stopped in the roadway next to her as she waswalking. A male exited from the passenger side and grabbed hold of her. She screamed and resisted, yelling for police. The male let go of her and apologized prior to leaving the area abruptly in the same vehicle. There are believed to be two persons involved, including the driver of the vehicle. The female student was uninjured.

The one male was described as approximately 5'9" tall, with short hair and a tan complexion, wearing a T-shirt of an unknown color. 

Anyone with information is urged to contact the LUPD at 610-758-4200 or the Bethlehem PD at 610-865-71.

Jason Schiffer, Chief