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The AVENUES program is open to high-school-aged women in the Lehigh Valley community who are interested in learning more about various career paths in law enforcement. 

During the week-long program, local agencies such as the Lehigh County Sheriff's Office, PA State Police, Lehigh Valley Airport Authority, and Homeland Security will help in providing an empowering and educational learning opportunity through site visits, demonstrations, and programming at their home agencies. Students will learn about each of the departments' staffing, mission, activities, and services.

There is no cost to attend the AVENUES program and all students participating will be provided uniforms, lunch, and 10 hours of community service. Each student must be a high school woman ages 15-17, interested in learning more about different career options in law enforcement. Each student must submit an application including at least one reference from either a school mentor or school resource officer, and a letter of interest. The application for the 2024 AVENUES program in now open and linked below. Contact Ofc. Jaime Hricko at jrl417@lehigh.edu with any questions or concerns. 

2023 Recap Video

In April 2021, the Lehigh University Police Department signed the 30x30 Pledge to commit to advancing women in policing. Lehigh University Police Department, along with over 300 other agencies across the U.S. and Canada who signed the 30×30 Pledge have agreed to: 

  • Take measures to increase the representation of women in all ranks of law enforcement;
  • Ensure that policies and procedures are free of bias;
  • Promote equitable hiring, retention, and promotion of women officers, and
  • Ensure their culture is inclusive, respective, and supportive of women in all ranks and roles of law enforcement. 

To learn more about the 30x30 Pledge and Initiative, visit 30x30initiative.org

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